Wifi traffic analysis on a gugelfrei fon

Is the gugelfrei fon really successfully degoogled? Is any data sent to the known data sinks? Maybe the IMSI number to the SUPL host? For that I conducted wifi network dump of the android startup procedure. Here you can see in sequence network connectivity check, time sync and download of assistance data for gps (A-GPS).

For the test setup I opened up a wifi hotspot on my desktop with hostapd.

 create_ap <wifi_device> <lan_device> <SSID> <PASSWORD>

Then I just sniffed on <wifi_device> with wireshark.

Tested device is a LG G3 d855 with recent gugelfrei OS.

Results for captivity portal and timeserver: wifi

SUPL Server are not used. A-GPS data is fetched via XTRA Server: wifi

No traces of privacy violations here. See full bootup wifi dump for wireshark.